Tips To Help Select The Web Hosting Plan For Your Business


It can be a bit confusing when you look at the different kinds of web hosting plans and website services.

You can get confused if you see so many web companies all fighting to do give you a web hosting plan for your business.

A person who wants just to open a website and make their money if they are met with terms like DNS, GB and width they are bound to get discouraged.

When the business grows it is no longer a small business and hence you find that you want to increase it therefore you want complex website hosting plans.

It was easy to use the free services offered when you were starting up your business but now if you want to drive more traffic you way it is time to get a web server.

Below you will find some of the web hosting plans that are preferred by most business owners and which you may also want to use for your business. Learn more about web hosting at

A Web Hosting Plan That Is Shared

This is when many web sites are all hosted in one server.  The cost of sharing a web server is what makes it a preferred choice. On a monthly pay of $5-$10 your website is on a server that is serving about a hundred or more of other websites.

One main disadvantage of a shared web hosting is all of you are at the mercy of the server.

Despite the fact that not much traffic coming in on your website you can choose a shared domain registration webhosting plan as it is cheaper.

Reseller Web Hosting

This is a package that is on the shared hosting which has more tools that you can use to resell the hosting space.

Web Hosting Based On Cloud

Cloud based web hosting works by allowing this new hosting knowledge to host other servers all working together which makes it look like one big server. This means that as there is an increase in growth the hosting company can include other commodity hardware to make the grid or cloud bigger.

The Web Hosting Plan Known As Virtual Private Server

Here there is one physical server that used on this type of web hosting but it looks like several servers or separate. It is a stepping stone between shared web hosting to being an owner of a devoted machine.  Despite the fact that each shares the service resources they each have a devoted slice of the computing resources.

A Dedicated Web Server

What this means here is that you rent one physical server from a web hosting company with all full control otherwise known as the root Linux permission that you may need.


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